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ENG 314 - Electric Machines

Course Activity

The ENG 314 - Electric Machines will have a series of course work on the following:

  • Explain magnetic circuits, transformers, and their types.
  • Understand the theory of magnetic fields and electromagnetic equivalent circuit.
  • Learn about: Transformers Ideal transformer. Practical transformer. Voltage regulation. Efficiency. Autotransformers.
  • Learn about: D.C Machines: Principles of DC machines. DC motors. Speed control. Permanent magnet DC motors.
  • Learn about: AC Machines: Principles of A.C machines. Induction motors. Synchronous generators.
  • Learn about: Speed control. Linear machines. Single-phase motors, Servomotors. Synchronous, Stepper motors.
  • Learn about: Introduction to power systems: Basics of generation, transmission, and distribution of electrical energy.

Engineering Databases

Reference (Web Resources)