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CUD Library Week 2021: About


Is there a book that you really love? A book that inspires you? Think of a book that you love and that inspires you. Maybe it is a book that you feel you lose yourself in and find that you are a part of. Write a review of the book that inspires you and let others get inspired too. 

Winner will receive Samsung A50 Mobile Phone (4G LTE, 126GB)

Hunt through our fun LRC word search puzzle to find the library-themed words! Words can go in any direction, including diagonal and backwards. Take a snapshot of the completed word search and submit to receive a gift from the library. Have fun! 


4 Pics 1 Word is a word guessing game about the library words/terms. Let’s find out how many pictures you can guess. Take the challenge and get amazing gift and Certificate of Participation from the library!

Create a poem of your own with Blackout Poetry. Blackout Poetry is a type of "found poetry" in which you take phrases from a newspaper, book, or other written text. So grab a pencil, a marker, and an old newspaper or book, and prepare to create your own poem by erasing words rather than writing them. 

Winner will receive CASH prize! 

Sample Blackout Poetry

Grand Winner - Blackout Poetry Contest 2019

How well do you know our CUD LRC? Test your wits! Take the LRC's first ever quiz, "Know Your Library : An Online Quiz" and get amazing gift and Certificate of Participation from the library!


Using Jigsaw Planet, CUD LRC created online puzzles of the logos of the electronic databases. Play and enjoy completing the puzzles. Take a snapshot of the completed puzzle and submit to receive a gift from the library. Have fun!

Participate in the Library Week 2021 activities and get below gifts!