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APA, IEEE & AMA citation styles

These guides provide guidance on how to cite sources using APA, IEEE & AMA citation styles; including examples for print and electronic sources.

Articles in Periodicals

General Format for Articles in Periodicals:

Author, A. A. (year). Title of article. Title of Journal, vol #(issue #), pp-pp.

Source Type

Sample Format

Scholarly journal

Klasen, S. & Pieters, J. (2015). What explains the stagnation of female labor force participation in Urban India?. The World Bank Economic Review, 29, 449-478.

Magazine Article

Pupic, T. (2016, March 13-19). The creative risk taker. Arabian Business, 17, 44-49.

Newspaper Article

Harding, R., & Inagaki, K. (2016, March 31). Sharp sold to Foxconn on painful day for Japan’ fallen electronics industry. Financial Times, pp. 1, 14.