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Electronic Newspapers

English Newspapers

One of the most widely read newspapers in the United Arab Emirates.The newspaper owned by Al Nisr Publishing. Gulf News was the first newspaper in the region to promote the arts, culture, music, and sport through sponsorship of events.

Gulf Today is an English-language daily newspaper based in Sharjah, the United Arab Emirates. It is one of the four UAE broadsheet newspapers. The newspaper was launched on 15 April 1996 by brothers Taryam Omran Taryam and Abdullah Omran Taryam owners of Dar Al Khaleej for Press, Printing and Publishing.


Khaleej Times is a daily English language newspaper published in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. KT is the UAE's oldest and remains the country's longest-running English daily.


The paper is a single selection organized into five daily sections (News, Business, Opinion, Arts & Lifestyle, and Sport) and a Weekend edition which comes out every Friday. It covers local and international news, business, sports, arts and life, travel and motoring.

Arabic Newspaper

       Al Bayan

Al Bayan is a popular Arabic language newspaper in the United Arab Emirates. The paper is based in Dubai.

    Emarat Al Youm

Emarat Al Youm is an Arabic newspaper published by Dubai Media Incorporated. The paper is published in Dubai. The newspaper content focuses on domestic issues and other topics of interest to Arab readers.

     Al Khaleej

Al Khaleej is an Arabic newspaper and online portal based in the United Arab Emirates. The newspaper was established in 1970 and is published by Dar al Khaleej for publishing and printing. Al Khaleej covers a variety of topics including Business, Lifestyle, and Sports.


Al-Ittihad is an Arabic language newspaper published daily in the United Arab Emirates. The paper is the first regular publication of the country.