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SWS 110 - Programming I


The SWS 110 - Programming I will have a series of course work on the following:

  • Lecture:
    • Slide presentations and discussions on Java programming basics and advanced topics.
  • Lab activities:
    • ‚ÄčTo acquire a quick start to programming, students will have to present a project on the programming platform, Eclipse available in all lab PCs. Students will have as well to install and configure Eclipse on their personal computers.
    • At the end of every topic, students will have to implement related to:
      • Java program that displays a simple picture,
      • Java program that solves problems on temperature conversions, read and write lines of text, binary to decimal number conversions, basic GUI (graphical user interface) programming like buttons, labels, text field, picture, etc.
  • Robotics and Computer Sciences Activities:
    • It's becoming a tradition that Engineering students participate in different competitions, locally and internationally. Robotics competition is one of the most active events where our students have to show their skills in exciting teamwork. On another hand and in parallel to their course activities, students are encouraged to join the Programming Club in CUD where they will have the opportunity to prepare the competitions in different programming languages (Python & C++).

Reference and Free Online Resources